Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands

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Voyage the routes less travelled on this Discovery Islands and Desolation Sound wilderness cruise. With daylight hours spent touring the remote waterways and overnights at exclusive coastal accommodations, you will be introduced to an area experienced by few. The geography on this route is a mesmerizing mix of narrow inlets, deep fjords and smaller rounded mountain top islands to towering glaciers. Despite George Vancouver’s naming this place “Desolation Sound”, the scenery around these islands is arguably some of the most impressive on the British Columbia coast. There is remarkable First Nations history in the area including sites in Lund, Cortes, Quadra, Toba Inlet and Homfray Channel with several remaining relics and pictographs.

Today, the quiet rural lifestyle enjoyed by very few developments along this cruise will be sure to fascinate you. Small cabins dot the shorelines inhabited by true wilderness people. There are a great variety of animals and marine mammals that circumnavigate these waters including orca, humpbacks and marine fowl. Hopefully the presence of this wildlife won’t scare you from swimming because around here the waters can reach 25°C in the peak of the summer. The phosphorescence create a glowing spectacle in the ocean for us when the sun has completely gone down. The warm and deep waters make Desolation Sound a haven for prawn trappers, oyster harvesters and even salmon fishing in the summer and fall. The calm waters make this area perfect for kayakers and calm water cruisers.

On this cruise we will visit the picturesque village of Lund with its charming boardwalk and colourful history. Throughout our voyage you’ll be introduced to first nations culture and pioneer lore displayed at the optional visit to the Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre. Enjoy the sights of tidal rapids and marine parts near Quadra, Okisollo Channel and the Thurlow Islands. Blind Channel is home to a bustling family owned resort currently managed by the fourth generation. Homfray Channel, the second deepest channel in North America is teeming with sea creatures in inexplicably calm and warm waters. The green glacial water in Toba inlet with great gushing waterfalls are sights to never be forgotten. With ample time on water and land, this cruise is for all explorers alike. 

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·      Explore quaint harbour villages including Lund & Gorge Harbours 

·      Observe remarkable First Nations monuments

·      Witness spectacular coastal geography from the small inlets and large fjords to small islands and towering glaciers 

·      Stay at exclusive wilderness accommodations


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Powell River, BC Embarkation


Meet your Discovery Crew and tour the vessel. Depart in the early afternoon to explore the coastal waters from Powell River to Lund.


2-3 Hours Cruising, Overnight Lund


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