The Creek Crisis at Homfray Lodge

by Mollie O’Connor

Monday, January 28, 2019 – 11:25am PST

Over the holiday season, the Pacific North West was hit by several vicious weather systems and Homfray Lodge fell victim to their unforgiving rains and winds. In December, British Columbia had days where it poured up to 75mm of rain and experienced 100km/hr winds.

Homfray Lodge is “off the grid”, in the heart of Desolation Sound, and not accessible by any roads and only by our cruises that operate from May to October.  

Thanks to the creek that runs through the property with have our own hydro electric system and drinking waters. The creek provides us with some of the purest water on the planet. 

However, we still have our own chlorine water filtration system and environmentally friendly septic system, so plenty to maintain by our caretaker Dave, especially during the winter months.

Creek with branches

Because of the storms, the creek from which we collect water to power the lodge and drink from, was running very high with branches and trees bustling down the way. All this activity lead to our intakes being banged up and moved out of place. Getting this put back together was a difficult job but a necessary one as,Dave, needed power and drinking water to stay safe.

Dave contacted a few people to help him get the job done and a team of good neighbours was quickly formed. The group, including our Captain Lance, made their way up to Desolation Sound and the lodge to begin the project. This storm was in the top 3 that our owner and previous owners had ever seen but the team braved the weather and were safely able to fix the intakes.

We are lucky to have a guy like Dave protecting Homfray over the winter and a close team of staff and friends in Desolation Sound and the Sunshine Coast that are willing to help us out.

Dave looks forward to making sure everything is running smoothly when we re-open in May.


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